Constant God; Changing World

Has anyone else felt the weight of uncertainty these past few weeks?  I mean, I feel physical pressure on my shoulders and heart every time I hear the word coronavirus.

The entire situation is clothed in uncertainty.  At first, we asked Will it come to the US? Then we asked Will it come to our town?  These questions were followed with Will schools close?  Will churches close?  Will I go to work tomorrow?  Will the stock market recover? Will I get the virus?  Do I have enough toilet paper? Am I willing to pay $30 for 3 ounces of hand sanitizer?

And if you (like me) hold tightly to routines, then you probably felt uncomfortable when you arrived at the gym this morning and found a letter taped to the door.

The greatest symptom of this virus is not a sore throat; it is uncertainty.

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Living My Childhood Dreams

I recently made a new Spotify playlist using songs (both new and old) from some of the artists that I loved as a child, which is why I am currently listening to a series of Switchfoot tunes from the past two decades.  Let me tell you — nothing makes me more sentimental than listening to “This is Your Life.”

This is your life.
Is it everything you dreamed that it would be
When the world was younger, and you had everything to lose?

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Pre-Field Update #1

About 10 months ago (February), I learned that a missionary school in Spain needed a secondary English teacher.  Because I have always had an interest in missions, and because I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in English education, I began praying about how God might use me at the school in the future.

Fast forward four months (June), and I was having serious conversations with the mission board about where I could serve.

Fast forward another five months (November), and I was completing an interview with the school in Spain.

Fast forward to today (December), and I am doing pre-field ministry (formerly called deputation) to teach secondary English in Spain.  If you aren’t familiar with pre-field ministry, it basically consists of three tasks: (1) attending trainings and workshops to prepare for life as a missionary, (2) doing everything possible to learn about the people and the culture that you are about to join, and (3) raising prayer and financial support for your international ministry.  As I prepare to move to Spain next year, I want to give you regular updates about my pre-field ministry.

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