Pre-Field Update #1

About 10 months ago (February), I learned that a missionary school in Spain needed a secondary English teacher.  Because I have always had an interest in missions, and because I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in English education, I began praying about how God might use me at the school in the future.

Fast forward four months (June), and I was having serious conversations with the mission board about where I could serve.

Fast forward another five months (November), and I was completing an interview with the school in Spain.

Fast forward to today (December), and I am doing pre-field ministry (formerly called deputation) to teach secondary English in Spain.  If you aren’t familiar with pre-field ministry, it basically consists of three tasks: (1) attending trainings and workshops to prepare for life as a missionary, (2) doing everything possible to learn about the people and the culture that you are about to join, and (3) raising prayer and financial support for your international ministry.  As I prepare to move to Spain next year, I want to give you regular updates about my pre-field ministry.

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