The Countdown Begins

In about seven weeks, I will be boarding a plane for Madrid. I must say, after nearly 18 months of praying, planning, and preparing to move to Spain, the events of the past few weeks have made the adventure feel really real. Spain is no longer a place that I am just talking about. It’s the place where I will live in fewer than 50 days.

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Backup Plans

I had to chuckle this morning at church when a missionary repeated the question that his family had asked him years ago after he told them that he would forego the expected, “safe” route of becoming a businessman, choosing instead to become a full-time evangelist.  They asked, “Do you have a backup plan for when God fails you?”

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Plans in an Open Palm

About a week after I returned home from Spain in March, I went for a stroll downtown with a friend.  As we chatted under the warm spring sun, I explained how God had carefully rearranged my plans over the past few years, preparing me to teach in Spain.

I held my hand straight out in front of me and said, “I’ve learned to hold my plans in an open palm.”

God must have laughed out loud in that moment.

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Constant God; Changing World

Has anyone else felt the weight of uncertainty these past few weeks?  I mean, I feel physical pressure on my shoulders and heart every time I hear the word coronavirus.

The entire situation is clothed in uncertainty.  At first, we asked Will it come to the US? Then we asked Will it come to our town?  These questions were followed with Will schools close?  Will churches close?  Will I go to work tomorrow?  Will the stock market recover? Will I get the virus?  Do I have enough toilet paper? Am I willing to pay $30 for 3 ounces of hand sanitizer?

And if you (like me) hold tightly to routines, then you probably felt uncomfortable when you arrived at the gym this morning and found a letter taped to the door.

The greatest symptom of this virus is not a sore throat; it is uncertainty.

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Living My Childhood Dreams

I recently made a new Spotify playlist using songs (both new and old) from some of the artists that I loved as a child, which is why I am currently listening to a series of Switchfoot tunes from the past two decades.  Let me tell you — nothing makes me more sentimental than listening to “This is Your Life.”

This is your life.
Is it everything you dreamed that it would be
When the world was younger, and you had everything to lose?

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